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Top Five Most Popular SEO Tools

shutterstock_315919763Every type of business needs an online presence to build credibility and grow its brand. The SEO tools used by successful companies today range from visual tools to help bring readers to your site to coding techniques to communicate with search engines.

Web Content

The content on the site itself is one of the most important SEO tools in your arsenal. The language that is used on your site should be varied, complex and long enough to impart a lot of information on each page. This engages both readers and search engines and helps your site to rank better.


Many searchers use video to find out what they want to know quickly. Google and other search engines allow users to search videos to find the information they want. Having at least one video on your site that brings information to your site’s visitors can help your site’s SEO as well as provide an alternative way to impart information to your customer base.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are part of the framework of your website. These small pieces of code communicate directly with search engines to tell them what your site is about. Each page should have meta tags to boost your site’s rankings and to help your targeted audience find you when they conduct searches.


Blogs are a crucial part of SEO today. Once used as a sideline or a complement to a website, blogs are now seen as a powerful force in SEO. Regular blogging builds the size of your website and allows for more keywords to be used. With more pages to your site, you have a higher chance of readers finding it when they conduct a search.

Social Media Marketing

Like blogging, social media was once a marketing novelty. Today, however, it is one of the largest forces in digital marketing. Having a frequent presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help your business to build a following. It also directs them to your website. With social media posts, you can cross-promote your marketing by posting each time your blog is updated or you add a new video to your site.