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Six Strategies You Can Start Today To Grow Your Cannabis Brand

shutterstock_538892680The cannabis industry is exploding nationwide. According to Forbes, marijuana sales went up 30% resulting in $6.7 billion in 2016 alone. With so much money to be made, more and more cannabis businesses are cropping up everywhere.  Help your business stand out from the crowd with these handy tips.

1)  Start an online conversation  

The cannabis industry is literally a multi-billion-dollar enterprise linking millions of people. A major percentage of these cannabis enthusiasts are already online, posting blogs, and shaping the conversation on social media.

Creating a website and disseminating regular YouTube videos is a powerful way to join the conversation and spread your cannabis brand online.

2) Speak to your real consumers 

Health, wellness, and daily fitness routines are becoming real concerns for your customers. Marketing in ways that emphasize how your cannabis products are part of a healthy lifestyle can really do your company a lot of good.

When you take a look at the states that have legalized recreational marijuana, you realize that the customers in places like California, Washington, and Colorado tend to be more health-centric.

Today’s customers are making healthier food and lifestyle choices. You might consider following in the marketing footsteps of one of Colorado’s largest dispensary chains and featuring cannabis farmers in your online ads.

Doing so works to convey the sense that your cannabis offerings are part of a healthy lifestyle that your customers can get behind.

3) Let customers participate 

Featuring contests, giveaways, games and promotional discounts on your website is a great way to stir up interest and give back to customers.

4) Understand your state’s laws 

It’s important that you understand state and local advertising laws before you create your marketing campaign. You don’t want to pay fines or have to redo your entire campaign because you didn’t consider something basic. Here’s a state-by-state guide to cannabis advertising regulations.

5) Push the envelope 

Follow the rules but also remember to be edgy. Embracing new marketing mediums as they develop and doing things a little differently from your competitors will likely get your noticed.

A location-based app that helps customers find your dispensary or allowing your customers to redeem online promotions for in-store discounts are both great ways to get more customers through your doors.

You could also try drumming up attention on social media for something like a trivia night that brings together cannabis enthusiasts in the community.

6) Convey the right image 

Just remember to market according to your state’s laws and always use words and graphics that convey the right image. Avoid words like “ganja” or phrases like “getting high” and use the term “cannabis” instead.

In your marketing also use images featuring farmers and serious-looking scientists to convey a sense of grassroots participation and professionalism.