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Responsive Website Design – The Modern Approach to Designing

shutterstock_213551548Mobile users make up a very significant part of all Internet users. The statistics say it all. Around 60 percent of internet access is from mobile. Around 30 percent of people, use their smart phones to shop online. These numbers mean that at any moment your site will likely be visited using a mobile device. If your site is not responsive, your business will be losing untold amounts of prospects and revenue.

What Exactly is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach that suggests that a site’s design should accommodate different platforms, screen sizes and orientation. For example, if an android device were to access a site, the site would be able to switch to the appropriate scripting languages and resolutions. If you have a static site, it won’t accommodate mobile devices.

A mobile site and a static site perform very differently on mobile devices. A static site design is set to a certain size regardless of the device used to access it. It can be very cumbersome for mobile users to use it as they would need to zoom in and out to see site content. Sometimes, only partial content of the site will come up on mobile devices as some plug-ins such as Flash won’t always work on mobile.

A responsive design is much more flexible. It accounts for pixel resolution, screen size, and touch capacity. Responsive web design uses these elements to create an optimal user experience that includes ease or navigation and viewing. UI elements such as video players and text adjust automatically to different devices.

How Will it Help Your Canna-Business

It is reported that 46 percent of mobile users have a problem access websites due to lack of responsive web design. With a responsive website design as the new industry standard, you shouldn’t let that be the case for your site. Creating a mobile version of your site allows you to retain more of the visitors you are attracting.

Having a responsive website design helps your business in various ways:

Builds Your Online Presence – Your site is likely the first place visitors will come to learn about your business and will come back to order products and get updates. Investing in a responsive web design allows your site to make a memorable first impression while building a larger customer base and community.

Keep Up With the Trend – The cannabis industry has skyrocketed. Established canna-businesses are often competing with new entrepreneurs who implement responsive website design and, as a result, reach more customers.By adopting responsive design for yourself, you can stop potential clientele from being taken.