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How to Get Your Cannabis Business Ranked on Google

images-1Cannabis: You have probably heard endless debates around this plant. Whether supporting the use of cannabis, popularly known as marijuana, or against it, all sides of the divide have brought forward some facts. Under the federal law, cannabis business has been classified as illegal despite the fact cannabis use has proven to be of benefit, medically.

Cannabis business is profitable and rakes in nearly 1 billion US dollars annually. This has been accelerated by the ever growing demand of its usage among the youth across the United States. A recent poll showed that 67% of all American voters support the legalization of marijuana. This shows that the demand will remain, if not shoot over the roof. The ongoing debates about its use are on the verge of establishing a federal law geared at making cannabis legal. This shows that the cannabis business is, in the long run, a worth gamble. A Factbook research shows that marijuana, by 2018, will be grossing 8 billion dollars per annum. That is 7 billion dollars potential growth in near period of forecast.


In the cannabis business, you should invest in product placement of the product and informing the users of all the facts around it. This ensures you erase all the misconceptions and myths out there that might hinder the growth of the business. Medical marijuana can be used in treating vomiting, nausea, improving appetite in HIV/AIDS patients and during chemotherapy. This makes cannabis an essential commodity in the medicine world.

Internet marketing – Most cannabis businesses have fancy boastful internet marketing strategies that are not as effective in informing and placing the product in the target market. For your business, you should choose an effective internet marketing agency that has portrayed successes in other industries and markets. Cannabis success of the agency is essential to make your business captive on the internet. A good website with good graphics should be a core thing in the internet marketing.

Content – ?Marketing the business means providing the necessary content to the customers. A customer should be able to know about everything on cannabis by visiting your website. In medical marijuana, the content should include all the uses and the side effects of usage of marijuana. This gives satisfaction to the customer, and they develop interest towards your product.

Keeping up with market trends – Google has constantly revised its website listings and rankings of businesses based on various grounds such as social media ratings. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all affected the ranking of businesses on Google. However, recently sites such Instagram have pulled down all marijuana accounts that prove tricky for the industry. Keeping a good marketing agency for your business ensures they keep up with the latest trends to improve the ranks and at the same time avoid legal tussles.

As far as the marijuana business is concerned, the Internet is still a virgin. The internet sees a lot of cool, captivating sites every day and your site should be one of them. CBD business is a growing market that has a lot of potential in the near and long run. Our digital marketing services ensures that your business stands to be counted as the key player in this promising market.