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How to Boost Local SEO

shutterstock_395497651One of the most important components of SEO (search engine optimization) is local SEO – especially if you’re running a small to mid-sized business that doesn’t have national exposure. As a smaller company, your goal is to reach consumers within your area of service. The best way to do this is by boosting your local SEO efforts in order to attract visitors within your area. The following are a few local SEO tactics that you should be sure to employ:

1. Optimize your website

Optimizing your website properly will ensure that it will appear high up on Google’s SERP (search engine results page) for searches done within your area of service. The following are a few tips for optimizing your site properly:

  • Include the name of your business and the location in your domain name. For example, if your company name is The Cannabis Store and you operate out of Los Angeles, then consider thecannabisstorela.com as your domain name.
  • Use keywords that are not only relevant to your business and to the content they appear in, but that also use your location. So instead of using “cannabis products” as a keyword, use “cannabis products in LA.” This helps to narrow your audience down to those that are performing searches in the L.A. area, which in turn draws higher quality leads to your site. Keywords should be used in your titles, content, anchor text, ALT image text and meta descriptions.
  • Add your NAP (name, address and phone number) to each page of your website, including your homepage and contact page.

2. Create local content

Create a blog and write content that is based on local news or events nearby your business. Local content is a good way to boost local SEO. For example, publish a blog post on Fourth of July events being held in or around the neighborhood your store is located in. Then, when someone searches for Fourth of July events in that area, your site is more likely to come up.

3. Submit your NAP to local directories

Submit your NAP to various online directories, from Yelp and Yellowbook to Facebook and Google. Make absolutely sure that the information you submit is correct. If the information differs from listing to listing, it can actually hurt your ranking. When submitting your NAP to local directories, make sure that you list your business in the appropriate category and that you use relevant keywords to optimize your description. Consider making your listings more informative by adding links to your site, photos, videos and more when possible.

4. Encourage online reviews

Ask customers and followers to review your business online. The more positive reviews you have on sites like Yelp or Facebook, the stronger your local SEO will be. Be sure to respond to various reviews as well. Address the problems raised in negative reviews and thank customers for positive reviews.

Use these tips in order to boost local SEO so that you can increase your company’s exposure in your area of service.