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Creative 2017

How social media marketing will dominate 2017

Social media marketing has seen exponential growth in 2016. Some people claimed that this is a temporary buzz that will pass with time, but they have been proven wrong. In their assumption, they may have overlooked the fact that social media is not static, but a dynamic outfit that keeps evolving to match new trends. The dominance of social media marketing will be evident in 2017.

  • Social media ads will make a comeback, with each company targeting higher visibility. With the tons of content on these sites, organic visibility is turning out to be unreliable. The social media platforms have realized the revenue potential in advertising and have gone out of their way to create different advertising options for businesses. You can then customize your advert according to your budget, target market and so on.
  • New social media platforms will emer ge as it happens every year; try to cut their niche in the market. However, marketers have learned to take their time before jumping onto a new platform. Instead, they will identify the platform that bests caters to their needs and invests fully in it.
  • Social media platforms will become more professional, adding tabs that allow businesses to engage more constructively with their clients. The most successful platform in this area will win more users.
  • Marketers will be taking customer engagement to new heights using the new technology. Live webinars, 360 videos and such like avenues will be used to engage users in the real-time, giving them a more vivid experience.
  • There will be a shift in the popularity of the various social media platforms. For instance, you may have noticed that Twitter is no longer that popular, while Snap is on an upward trend. Users are apparently looking for new experiences. 2017 could experience a decline in the dominant platforms while the newer ones gain more users.

These predictions are not cast in stone, but they should give you a pretty good idea of ways that you can structure your social media marketing in 2017. You do not have to be on every platform; find the one that works for you and refine it to meet your client needs. A solid social media strategy will go a long way in reaching out to your clients even on a tight budget. 2017 is only days away; let’s wait and see how this forecast will fair.