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CBD Marketing & Advertising Blog

Is Cannabis A Miracle Drug?

What amazing medicine has been shown to positively treat, or decrease the symptoms of pain from several diseases? CBD has proven to be effective in the treatment of spasms, the burning and numbness associated with multiple sclerosis, the vomiting and …

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Why Your CBD Site Needs SEO

imgres-2Many states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. In addition, some states like Colorado have legalized it in recreational drug form. With all the popularity of marijuana, there are now dispensaries and other marijuana-related businesses rising. If your business is …

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Green CBD Marketing Tips

images-4When it comes to marketing the products sold on marijuana websites, there are many green marketing techniques to keep in mind. For starters, marijuana marketing is all about marketing to the right segment of customers, which involves pinpointing these customers …

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The Benefits of CBD SEO Services

imagesThe legalization of marijuana has prompted the rise of cannabis as a legitimate business opportunity.   With more cannabis businesses taking off it is becoming even more vital for these establishments to engage CBD SEO experts to make the brand visible …

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