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5 Surefire Signs Your PPC Advertising Plan Isn’t Working

shutterstock_406297156You might already have a recreational cannabis business or medical marijuana dispensary running. It is a great business, but just like with every business, you need to work at it and make it successful. On the other hand, you might be contemplating starting your own medical or recreational cannabis business and with such thoughts, you obviously want your new enterprise to be successful. Ever heard of a pay-per-click marketing plan?

If you have a PPC plan in place, it will only be beneficial to your business if your campaign is solid and is working. Always ask yourself, what entails my PPC plan for my legal cannabis business? To help you further, outlined below are five surefire signs that your PPC advertising plan isn’t working and that you should go back to the drawing table.


1.    No Clearly Defined Goals

You will never get the best out of your PPC campaign with no clearly defined objectives. Just going about it blindly is the best way to fail because it will never work.  Have a target for the number of click-generated sales you want to achieve, the cost of every conversion, the least number of AdWords conversions you intend to hit and have a marketing budget in place. With such a clearly defined goals, you will be on your way to getting a good ROI.

2.    No Keywords In The Ads

Your quality score will obviously be affected because you didn’t put related keywords in your ads. You will pay more for your keywords with a lower quality score, and this will dent your marketing budget. First use the right keywords and include action words to prompt your audience to click on your ads.

3.    Use of Negative Keywords

If you use the negative keywords unknowingly, then you will attract the wrong target market. For your medical marijuana dispensary, for example, you need to attract the audience that uses marijuana for medicinal purposes and not people who are part of campaigns that intend to ban the use of marijuana. Using words that don’t apply to your services like for example “addiction” “budget” “cheap” “Christian” and especially if they don’t apply to your services will work against you and your AdWords budget will skyrocket.

4.    Low-Quality Scores On the Landing Pages

When this happens just know that your PPC advertising plan isn’t working. Every keyword or the keyword grouping you use should always be linked to the page that is focused on a particular cannabis topic. Always remember that your ads should lead to the related landing pages and should be well optimized for the purpose of converting prospects. Set up your landing pages right and link them to the right keywords to increase your quality scores.

5.    No Conversion Tracking

This is the gravest mistake you can do as an entrepreneur of the cannabis industry who is carrying out an AdWords campaign. Most people fail to track conversions because they either don’t have the time to do the analysis or they don’t know how to do them.  Failing to do conversion tracking is one way to fail in you PPC advertising plan because how else are you going to know if all your efforts are paying off in the end? You will also not know where to make changes in your current PPC plan, and then you will keep wondering why you are spending a lot and getting very little returns.

The above surefire signs are just a few to show why your PPC campaigns aren’t going to work or aren’t working currently. Remember that the legal cannabis business is getting competitive daily and if you opt for this kind of marketing, you have to work continuously on it to perfect it and get your return on investment. Setting it and letting it run by itself is clearly not the right way to handle it because you will give room to your competitors to take more market share.