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4 Secrets For Better Ranking

shutterstock_421744534As a local outlet, you need to promote your business through the best means possible. You likely do not have the kind of marketing budget a larger, national or international corporation has, so you must make sure to stretch every single marketing dollar possible. This means taking advantage of the different free elements made available to you. Search engine optimization, or SEO, makes your website more attractive to search engines, which in turn brings in more traffic and, potentially, more business. No matter what your role is within the cannabis industry, you need to take advantage of SEO to generate this additional income. Here are four secrets for boosting your ranking, all of which you may be able to do on your own.

Creative Writing

As a small business, whether you are a local dispensary or producer, you need to have a blog and showcase creative writing. Now, this doesn’t mean to create short stories or other works of fiction (although if you wan’t to go right ahead). Creating a blog for your website boosts SEO, but integrating a creative element to is can really help your business website on search engines. A blog keeps your website continually scoured by search engines, which does help boost your ranking. In terms of actual writing content, you can write about cannabis, from the different kinds of strains, to growing techniques, how to care for the product after purchase and so forth. Add personal insights if you like, just avoid generic material. The creative, quality content goes a long way in boosting SEO.

Link Building

Backlinks, or links sending visitors back to your website, play a dramatic role in the overall rating of your website. These links perform two key tasks. First, the links send organic traffic from the third party websites to yours. The second is search engines see links leading to your page and recognize it as a thumbs up for your content, which means it is helpful to the account creating the backlink. As search engines want to reward helpful website, backlinks can boost your SEO. However, you need to have high quality backlinks. Links from other blogs, industry specializes and other professionals leading back to your site or blog are seen as desirable. Links you create yourself, such as from social media or from your personal accounts generally do not help all that much (if any) in boosting optimization. This leads back to creating quality, creative work. Outside sources will want to link to it if the quality is there.

Localized SEO

Unless you are an online only retailer selling memorabilia, chances are you have a brick and mortar location. When this is the case, you need to take advantage of localized SEO. This means you push your content specifically towards the location you are in. You do not need to do too much different to boost Internet search rankings for local searches, but these little alterations make all the difference. first, take include your storefront address on the footer of your pages. This makes it easier for Google to source the location information. Also, have an “About Us” or “Contact Us” page with not only your address, but your addressed connected to Google Maps. This instantly tells Google and other search engines your location, which helps boost local search results.

Use Media

Taking advantage of both images and video helps boost your SEO in several different ways. Not only does it give you the opportunity to tag added keywords to your pages, but it helps source your website in image and video based searches, expanding your visibility range.