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3 Reasons Why A Mobile-Friendly Website Design Is Essential

shutterstock_253604875Mobile devices have changed the way we live, work, and play, allowing us to be connected at all times.

Here are three reasons why having a mobile-friendly website design should be a top priority when planning or reevaluating your digital marketing strategy.

1) Mobile’s a growing piece of the pie

60% of digital media use is through mobile devices and that is growing quickly (source: comScore). According to IBMCommerce’s Black Friday Report for 2015, the recent Black Friday saw mobile sales via smartphones surge more than 75%, even surpassing purchases made on tablets. More than 103 million consumers shopped online over Thanksgiving weekend compared to 102 million who faced the in-store crowds, according to the 2015 survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation.

These trends help show how bigger screens and easier mobile payment options, combined with revamped website design customized for the mobile environment, are changing consumer behavior.

2) Google rewards mobile sites

Google’s main goal of search ranking algorithms is to help provide their audience (web searchers) with search results that are relevant, authoritative and high quality. When users use Google on their devices, Google wants to connect them to the best mobile accessible sites in order to provide a good service. With mobile friendly website design these users won’t have to tap and zoom to read content, have issues with clicking buttons, and can avoid the annoyance of horizontal scrolling.

In April 2015, Google released their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm which heavily rewarded businesses with mobile-friendly website design with higher rankings in mobile search results.

3) Continue offering a better user experience

Just as Google is focused on providing a high quality mobile experience for their users, so brings a main benefit of focusing on a mobile-friendly website design.

Check out your mobile traffic in your analytics and you’ll surely see a trend in mobile website usage. Without a mobile-friendly website you are likely not able to offer an ideal user experience for this growing audience. Don’t just build a mobile-friendly website design that respond to screen size without thinking about your mobile users.

Be mindful that the intent and behavior of mobile users are often different enough from desktop users to help justify a more unique mobile experience. Mobile users may be trying to quickly find the closest location or to login to their account Along with ease of use, a mobile friendly site brings faster website speeds and downloads, which is vital for the digital user experience.

Next Steps

To get started building a new mobile-friendly website or to adapt your website, make sure you have a team ready to both build it out and maintain it. For a separate mobile website, you’ll want to integrate additional SEO structure and optimization that is unique for those site pages. Responsive design is a great option — probably the best option — but keep in mind it isn’t the only option. A mobile web development company will be able to present the best options for your website use and needs.